Counselling is a process where individuals and families are helped with dealing with their personal and interpersonal issues by a third party. Counselling can be very helpful for people wanting to enhance their relationship and find new ways of managing relationship issues and difficulties. Confidential counselling is available to individuals, couples and families. You are probably reading this page because you are in a relationship, and you are having problems. Don’t wait until these problems become impossible to solve, GET HELP NOW! Too many couples leave counselling as a last resort and by that time, the relationship may be past saving. Issues such as poor communication, intimacy dysfunction and infidelity DO NOT fix themselves! Through couples’ counselling, I can help you through the rough patches of your relationship, making it stronger and more enduring. To create the relationship that you desire, there will have to be some difficult decisions and trade-offs for each person,  as well as making the effort to remember and act, on agreed changes and movement outside of both your comfort zones.

Couple counselling can be of assistance in many problem areas, including;

  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Differences in religious or racial backgrounds
  • Role identification
  • Pressure from work or family
  • Conflict over life and family goals

Points to Ponder

We will work together to understand why you keep having the same arguement over and over again, we will explore the causes of this. We will look at your family backgrounds and how these blueprints have influenced the way you and your partner are in relationships. We will investigate how satisfied each partner is in their own lives and the impact of this on the relationship.

About Me

  • I have counselled individuals for 22 years. I qualified to work with couples and families in 2014.
  • I have a Certicate in Couples Counselling Level 5 with Relate.I have a diploma in Family Therapy Level 6 from the University of Hull.
  • I have a Masters in Relationship Therapy from the University of Hull.
  • I am a member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)